I feel so lucky to live among nature 🌲 during times like these. It’s an escape right in my backyard. ⠀ ⠀ This picture, however, was not taken in my backyard but on a trip to the very beautiful town of Spreevald, southeast of Berlin.⠀ ⠀ This community is build all around all these small canals. It was a breathtaking day!


. در جوّ زمین نیز بدون تو نفس نیست برگشته ام اکسیژن ناب از تو بگیرم... 🥀 🥀 . #negareh1396 #ir_akasbashi#foto_makinasi #nature #iranphotographer #hamedan_pic #ir_photo #ir_akasi #iran_art_pic #anjoman_aj #anjoman_ir #akasan_bartar_iran #photos_gallery_ir #iranphotography#akasbashihaa #nationalgeographic #raw_iran #انجمن_عکاسان_آزاد #همدان#travelphotographersociety #


Here is a little vent because freelance and entrepreneurial life are not always easy. - I had a person message me the other week about not liking that I have been sharing a lot of model photos. That I should share more travel and nature. I politely replied but inside it tore me apart. - It hurt me in two ways. - 1. This person is someone I knew, has not spoken to me in over a decade, their only contact was to criticize me. They never once congratulated me on working hard for striving to build my dream brand and business. Just that I was now not doing what they expected. - Never once have they commented on a caption I wrote or said hey I’ve been reading your travel blog and it’s great or the products you have designed for your brand are super nice, I’m going to support you as a small business and buy something that you sell. - I live on a very fixed budget, forgoing many first world necessities, even just a normal lifestyle, to try and survive as an entrepreneur. Seeing negative income often while still trying to inspire and share meaningful content in every post I make. - 2. Mental health is already so hard for freelancers because feedback is the only way to judge if we’re doing good or not. With the amount of content I have to consume interacting with people, dealing with algorithms, making sure I am seen, the hours I spend on social media every day is draining. - Having this bar of me needing to continually create, to produce high quality content and open myself up to the world is also overwhelming. I have this obligation as a business and to everyone that follows me to put out content that will please and entertain, and do so consistently, every day. (Which I admit I’ve been neglecting lately, sharing myself, but that is a different story) - Okay I guess 3 🤣 I like my model photos. - Lifestyle photography is completely new to me and I became part of an amazing family with @thecommunitycreatives, they took me in and taught me ways to create stunning images. I see how my photography skills have improved and I gained some confidence working with professionals and viewing myself as one. - So peep this nature🌴🥬🌿


HOY EN ANIMAL PLANET. "VACAS SALVAJES HOLANDESAS" . El primer pensamiento que vino a mi cabeza cuando escuché "Hey look, those are wild cows!" fue "¿Vacas salvajes? Eso no existe, las vacas no son salvajes". Cómo si la idea de una vaca siendo salvaje fuera irreal, fantástica: los animales salvajes y las vacas pertenecen a mundos diferentes. Pero estos animales ciertamente existen, y se pueden encontrar algunos en Noord Holland. El hecho de que sean salvajes no significa que sean originarias de esta región. En realidad fueron traídas de Escocia. Las diferencias con las vacas domésticas (al menos las que conozco) son el pelaje más largo (supongo para resistir a las bajas temperaturas) con un flequillo al estilo "flogger"; y cuernos más grandes (quizás como arma defensiva, pero todos sabemos que muchas veces los cuernos pueden ser grandes por diferentes motivos). . . . #viajesinolvidables #viajesypaseos #latinosviajando #fotodeviaje #fotografiadeviajes #fotografadeviajes #travelpicsinsta #travelpicoftheday #travelphotgraphy #travelphotographers #travelphotographersociety #fotoviajera #naturalezas #fotografiadenaturaleza #fotonaturaleza #outdoorpics #outdoorpic #naturecalls #natureiscool #naturecapture #outdoorphotography


Beautiful Bled Castle on the top of the hill over looking the beautiful bled lake. ---------------------------------------------------- 📍Bled Castle, Bled, Slovenia. ---------------------------------------------------- . . . . #travelphotography📷 #dslrview #creativeframesindia #natgeoyourshot #natgeo #topsloveniaphoto #exploreslovenia #exploringslovenia #indianphotographyclub #bledcastle #bledlakeslovenia #lakebledslovenia #eslovenia #slovenia_ig #loveslovenia #sloveniatravel #wandersoullens #ip_stayinstaysafestaycalm #sloveninalps #travelphotographylovers #travelphotographersociety #travelphotographers #dm_your_click #worldphotographicforum #_wpf @bledoscope @bledlakeactivities @slovenia @natgeotravellerindia @natgeoyourshot @sadak_chap @haram_khor_ @shweta.malhotra03


Hire Your Very Own Vacation Photographer for Your Next Trip . . On the you will meet your vacation photographer, have a chat and get to know each other, at which point the tour can begin. We'll assign the best photographer that matches your needs. Cheers #elninoirawan Dreambox Indonesia Pictures 🎥📷🎬 . . #travelingtrip #travelingbali #travelingindonesia #travelphotography #travelphotographer #travelphotooftheday #travelphotographyguide #travelphotographersociety #dreamboxindonesiapictures


Smile for the good times had, smile for the sun to rise, smile just because. - Right now might seem like an endless chaos but it’s only going to be a small part in a full life. Try to do your best to stay positive, even if the day feels like it’s wore you down. - Mine was that way today. I spent most of the day caught up in the weight of thoughts, but I did not want to end my day that way, so I looked at what I have positively going on and I now feel today has been a small success. - 🌼 @ayshabugel 📸 @outsidevibes - - - - #sunrisephoto #sunrisephotography #sonya6000 #balisunrise #beachsunrise #baliindonesia #outsidevibes #travelphotographersociety #travelphotographer #balibeaches


We were nominated by our fellow Canadians @wandering_bison to participate in the Overland Challenge . . . Day 1 of the Overland Challenge . . . . . . 10 days, 10 Overland photos, 10 nominations from other Overlanders, no explanations. Post a photo of your Overland / outdoor life every day. . . . Be active, be open, accept the challenge and post a photo on the go every day and nominate someone new every day who accepts the challenge. . . . Today we nominate @ourhomeontheroam . . . #OverlandChallenge


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