Emerald and rusty mustard 🧡💚 Such a lush colour combo. I'm praying for the day that I find some beautiful pants like this. 📷 Pinterest


fave outfit that i’ve worn this month!! apparently 2020 will continue to be the year of plaid pants for me, oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️ what do you think will be the next big trends in fashion? 🤔 (p.s. these @koifootwear platform oxfords are so cute 🥺)




Back with another Pinterest Tip!⬇️ ⠀ It all comes down to consistency. ⠀ And by consistency on Pinterest, what I mean is ⭐BRANDING consistency.⭐ ⠀ Your Pins on Pinterest that link back to your website should be consistent with the images on your website. ⠀ When a user clicks on your Pin they are interested in that product or service, and if they decide to click through to your website they are in a crucial step of the sales funnel and THAT much closer to purchasing from you. ⠀ That's why it's so important that they land on the right page with the same/similar images to the one they saw on Pinterest. ⠀ ⭐Fun Fact⭐ Did you know that brands that correctly linked back to their products pages from their Pins saw a 13% sales lift?! ⠀ Huge right?! ⠀ Have you purchased something after seeing it on Pinterest? #pinterest #nehasocial


sunny uni outfit that I wore on Monday 💛 sometimes when I’m in a bad mood i dress up in bright colors just to make myself feel better - most of the time it truly works! have you ever felt like your outfit affects your mood? 🌞




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