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Been reading lately. It’s a big deal around here. Open to book recommendations 😝


I took a break from social media. And it felt FANTASTIC. It was just what I needed. I was trying to home school my 8yo, keep my 4 yo entertained, keep both kids quiet while hubby worked at home, and try to keep the house in order...because I need a level of order around me in order to feel good. I could have hustled and churned out content but I was mentally exhausted. It’s important to listen to what our mind and body is telling us we need. I needed time out from the “hustle” of growing my business and I needed to focus on my kids. Now kids are back at school in NSW and I’ve been back at it - more motivated than ever to bring you inspiration to help you declutter and organise your life! And beaches reopened, so Toots and I went for a lovely beachside walk with friends yesterday ☀️☺️ Remember, you can’t do it all at once. So choose what your heart and body tell you is right for you 💗


you’re so close and yet so far


My best & favourite calming influence. ⁠ ⁠


cloud check 💞


Layer your necklaces like these opal moonstone and letter stamped necklaces ✨ coming 👀 later this week!! Free shipping is still on—get your orders in now 🥰 #etsyshop #etsy #layerednecklaces #minimalisticjewelry #minimalisticstyle #personalizednecklace #personalizedjewelry #moonstonejewelry #moonstone #opal #opalgemstone #opalnecklace #shopsmallbusiness #shopsmall #sterlingsilverjewelry #sterlingsilverjewelry #wirewrappedjewelry #stampedjewelry


Pom Pom Earrings just make everything more fun!! 💚🧶 model: @summer4180


Puoi essere chiunque tu voglia essere 🤍🌙 @mmartajewelry


Really enjoying the floral theme and decided to try out this simple minimalistic design! #art #stippling #pointalism #floraldesign #flowers #rose #minimalisticstyle




Swooning over this family room styled delicately with old and new. Designer: @studiomcgee


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